Email Template for Party Invitation with [accept] and [decline] button - php script requried ?

How can I create a party invitation email template with [accept] and [decline] button so that I can email this e-invitation card via outlook to my customer and they can just click the [accept] or [decline] button and their response will be automatically emailed back to my email.

I am using outlook 2003, but I prefer to have something like the attached jpg

the invitation email that I received, after clicking the [accept] button, a message window [Thank you] pop up and that is all. I found this way is much better.  [BlueDevilFan] 's solution to me is somehow only entirely automatic although I will have to do so if no other expert can give me better solution. However, I try to check the html source behind this email, it says something likce:

  color=black><span style='color:black;border:solid #009DD9 1.0pt;padding:5.0pt;
  color=black><span style='color:black;border:solid #009DD9 1.0pt;padding:5.0pt;

I don't know if this extra info I just found will help to find the solution.

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The easiest solution for you would be to create 2 mailto links, each with a custom title defined

When someone clicks accept, it will open an email window to send an accept message, and the alternative for decline.

What they are using is one of the following

1. an email marketing solution that tracks clicks down to the user level, such as Mailchimp (though it is a paid extra) or Infusionsoft.. there are others as well which are scripts hosted on your own site.

2. links that post to a script on a page - pretty simple to have that script fire an email to you with accept/decine and then show an appropriate message

3. Some more complicated database that is recording the events

What they are most likely doing of those is option 1 in some way
TimhkgAuthor Commented:
1.  I do not want to use the online email marketing solution like mailchimp.

2.  I need to be able to send out invitation emails from my outlook.

3.  I would like to know [there are others which are scripts hosted on your own site]. who are these, can you tell me ?

4. your point 2 mentioned [links that post to a sctript on a page.....] can you tell me how to write these links and the rest to complete my requested task?


TimhkgAuthor Commented:
1.  how to write these two mailto links?
2. when soemone clicks accept, it will open an emai window to send an accept message, what kind of email window , will it be just be the receipient's default email client or can I define one email windows?

I am also interested to know about the above, thanks

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Writing mailto links

<a href=" from Our Site">Email Us</a>  

It will just use their default mail client

Other scripts that can run on a server are things like

There are lots of them and they all have different features, price ranges etc.

Another option 2 options I didn't mention

There are plugins to Outlook suck as Polite mail

You could sent people to a very simple poll where they answer yes/no, I think it could even be done with Google docs

If you want to go the dynamic landing page route, either sending an email or storing the data in a database, whilst I could code something I couldn't guarantee it was secure, & the whole project might be a little outside the scope of what you could reliably expect here on Experts Exchange, though sometimes the programming geeks do surpass themselves.

The script would have to be done in such a way that it only accepts specific inputs, thus

You would have to dynamically insert the email address into the link as a mail merge field.

The script is just like any contact form, other than there are no fields to fill in as the data is sent directly to the script which is normally posted to from the form elements.

After sending an email to you the script would show a "looking forward to seeing you", "Sorry you can't come" or "There was an error in sending, please try this link instead" (which would be a mailto link as above... just in case something breaks on the server.

That is effectively a specification of what you need if you go this route, and someone on Odesk can probably create it for you, along with some nice graphics for $10.

They might even create a nice mail template to go with it, along with any merge fields etc.

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TimhkgAuthor Commented:
how much will you (or someone on Odesk) charge for this project [dynamic landing page] together with a nice mail template + any merge fields etc. I would be happy to pay extra in order to achieve this project.
TimhkgAuthor Commented:
how much will you (or someone on Odesk) charge for this project [dynamic landing page] together with a nice mail template + any merge fields etc. I would be happy to pay extra in order to achieve this project.
As I mentioned, you can probably find a very competent person to do the whole project for $10 on Odesk

Just post it as a job with a $10 budget and I am sure you will get some offers from developers for whom this is an easy task.
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