Report when scheduled fails, but runs on demand


I have a crystal report, which is scheduled to run every day and runs successfully.
I modified it recently, and manually replaced the existing copy in the Input FRS with the new one.
I then refreshed the report in CMC and added back the parameters etc.
But since then, it has been failing to run in the recurring schedule.But when i do a "Run Now", it runs perfectly fine..

Did anyone face this before or know about the cause? Please help.

The error i'm getting is :

Failed to open the connection. C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\S026.reportjobserver\~tmpcf061db292948d.rpt
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What changes did you make to the report? Did you add any tables/fields?

How is the report connecting to the database (user/password or integrated authentication?)

I often find if i:
-fire up the report in crystal
-set datasource location
-highlight table in the top pane, and the corresponding table in the bottom pane and hit update (do this for every table)

Things magically start working again...
pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Thanks! The change has been minor.. i had commented out a filter condition on the report..that's all
I would suggest running the report manually and paging through to the end. It is possible by changing this filter you have introduced a calculated error.

The InfoView viewer will not tell you a report has an error until you hit the page that contains the actual error - giving you the false impression that it is running okay.

A scheduled report basically pages through an entire report to generate the saved format and will fail.

I also recommend replacing the report from inside Crystal Reports - Save To Enterprise (then browse to your existing report and save over it) - rather than going into the FRS and replacing files there.
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pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I couldn't figure out any error on the report.
 My company didn't give access to the production server(remote) from my local machine.
 The only ways i connect ot it is as a web browser(CMC,Infoview etc) or as a remote desktop.
 That's way, i don't have a choice but to replace the file in the FRS system.
okay - in my past experience placing/replacing files directly into the FRS can cause errors - you might want to check out on the SAP forums about that.

One test you can try - publish the report as a new one from CMC (Add file - put in your database credentials, etc.). If it still fails, you will know it is not a result of placing the file directly into the FRS.
Can you just schedule the new report rather than trying to update the old report?

pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Users need all those old instances...that's why, it's such a pain
were you able to complete a test as I described by posting a new report?
Silly question, but does it ask you for the connection parameters when you initially run the report on demand? Or, after adding the report back in did you then re-set your connection settings including the password?
pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Hi LinInDenver:

  Sorry for the delayed reply. I deployed it as a new report and scheduled it and it ran fine..
  So, i realized,it's something with the replacement in the FRS.So, i replaced the file again, in the FRS, but it still didn't work.
  This is what i do, when replacing the file in the input Filestore.
 > Replace the existing report in the Filestore, with the modified report.
 > Go to that report in CMC and click on refresh options and do a refresh report,with all checked in(except for the repository objects etc).
 > Re-enter the database credentials and the prompts and update.

do i need to do anything in addition to/ other than the above procedure? Please advise.
Hi pvsbandi,

It sounds like you really need to have the ability to save over the existing from Inside Crystal Reports. I believe Business Objects has always frowned upon saving directly to the FRS, and this is probably one of the reasons why!

Have you actually tried to save it from inside Crystal Reports? I thought it went through web protocol of some kind anyhow, which means you might have permissions to "production."

From inside Crystal Reports go to File | Save As - click ENTERPRISE. It should prompt you for the same credentials that you use when logging into the CMC.

If you can get that far you should be able to browse to the folder and report, and save over it. Just make sure you then log into the CMC and re-type the password.
pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately we are not given access to the production server from our local machines.We need to deploy new reports through CMC as add new objects and for any modifications to the existing objects, we need to replace the files in the Filestore, as i mentioned in my original post.
Is the FRS on your actual server (I think this is the default)? If so, how are you placing the files there?

Will they allow you to remote desktop into the server? If so, I would open the report in Crystal Reports on the actual server and publish as described above.

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pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Much! That helps!
Oh good! I would keep working on them to allow you access from your desktop machine! I would sure prefer that over having people RMD onto my server!
pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
I agree.The only glitch is that the production people are not ready to even negotiate on giving access..i wish they yield to our request..but thanks again for that simple yet insightful idea.
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