Partitions on Windows 2008 STD 64

I have a HP Proliant 180 G6 with a HP Smart Array P212 Controller installed. I've set up a RAID5 using 4 x 1TB HDD. This would give me approx. 3TB of storage space. I use the HP ProLiant Easy Set-Up CD and choose the OS and the size of the boot partition is set to 80GB. The idea is to use the rest of the disk for file storage. The server boots as normal but when I go to Disk Management this is what I see:

1 Disk that contains the boot partition (80GB) and 2 (!!!!) other unallocated partitions (?). One is almost 2TB and the remaining is 760GB !!!! I cannot make 1 partition of those 2!!! It looks like the limit is set to 2TB.
Is there any way I can use the remaining space?
I've read about MBR disks and GPT disks but I'm not sure if that is an option for me given my configuration!!! Please help!
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You can reinstall after creating two logical disks on the P212 controller, then Windows sees them as 2 seperate disk drives so the second one can be converted to GPT. I haven't used EasyStart but I presume it has a link to the Array Configuration Utility on it. You can't split the array into two logical disks in BIOS setup (ORCA), it has to be with the ACU.

If the ACU isn't on EasyStart you can run the ACU under Windows, It'll crash as soon as you save the new configuration since it sort of wipes the disk but it will have achieved splitting the array by then so you can then reinstall.
Right click on the disk and click convert if the option is there.

If you want to use more than 2TB partition size, you can try the GPT format on your disk only if you use the x64 version of Windows operating system.
GPT can support larger partition sizes. In theory, a GPT disk can be up to 18 exabytes in size (about 18,000,000 terabytes).
For more details, please refer to:
Windows and GPT FAQ:
Unfortunately, your boot disk cannot be GPT.

[Microsoft Quote]Only Windows for Itanium-based systems can boot from GPT partitions.[/end quote]

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Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 has a 2 TB Disk limit for the boot partition.
There is no easy way out of this, you need to remove your Raid 5 configuration and create an new one that is less than 2TB
CaperuzzoAuthor Commented:
I will give this a try tomorrow even though I'm not sure if you can create virtual disks on ACU.
Under the ACU, you can create an array using all the available disks.  You can then create logical partitions using which ever raid level you want.  So for your OS you could have an 80GB RAID1 partition and the balance for your data partition as RAID 5.  Overall, you will still have nearly 3TB of space available it will just be carved up differently.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Connect another HDD to this server which is 320GB or bigger one. Then install Windows there.
After that boot from newly installed Windows and convert this big drive into GPT type.
Windows cannot run on drive that exceeds MBR limit of 2048GB this is the fact.
I think we've already established that Windows on Intel can't boot from GPT disks noxcho, that's one of the advantages of being able to create multiple logical disks on a single set of spindles. Several other controllers allow you to create a seperate boot logical disk on a single set of disks, it really is a useful function.

Just being pedantic but "Only Windows for Itanium-based systems can boot from GPT partitions" isn't actually true, HP-UX can boot from GPT/EFI partitions.
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