which are all ports to block on exchange server 2007 to prevent spams (unknown) being send

hi all,

could you tell me which are the ports needed for exchange 2007 -
and which ports can be blocked by windows 2008 server firewall .

also how to find spam comming from my local area network .
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Glen KnightCommented:
You will need:

Port 25 & 587 for SMTP (587 for your clients)
Port 110 if your using POP3
Port 143 if your using IMAP
Port 443 for OWA/ActiveSync

Do not block the Windows Server Firewall ports but instead on your external facing firewall only allow the above ports to your Exchange server.

When you say how to find spam comming from your local network, what exactly do you mean?
assuming you are talking about email spams this has nothing to do with closing or opening ports, you need to install an antispam server for this.

To prevent internal spam going out and being blacklisted you should deny out going port smtp to all clients and allow it only to your exchange server
seraj786Author Commented:
i am seeing lot of email in queue viewer mail from online.hsbc.co.uk,

its spam and i dont know were its coming and neither vamsoft is blocking it

i want to trace from were its orginating and how to stop this .

i want to trace from which client pc the Spam is coming
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