MDB2 querying MSSQL 2000 Stored Procedures won't show results

We are building an intranet site on php. Using Pear:MDB2 we query against MySQL and MSSQL using direct querying, but we found a problem when trying to run MSSQL 2000 Stored Procedures. The query brings the table layout (headers, column names) but no resultset.

Any ideas??

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JohnP_RealiniAuthor Commented:
We already solved it... In case someone gets a similar error:

 in our case, the problem was caused because the Stored Procedure was using dates as parameters (FROM - TO), and when PHP called the SP we were sending dates as string. We were sending dates as dd/mm/yyyy and the SP interpreted this as mm/dd/yyyy

To solve this, I had to add a conversion in the SP

where date > convert(datetime, @date, 103)

Worked like a charm

Thanks anyway!!
Can you post the code you're using to run the procedure?  Also, what do you mean when you say that "the query brings the table layout"?  Again here, seeing how you're querying the db might help.  Thanks!
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