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I have one user that gets access denied when entering a sub site of our http://companyweb We have a HQ site and a site under that.  She can access the HQ site but not the site under it, there are no permissions on this site under HQ, so all permissions are handled by the HQ site.

Troubleshooting I've done: Checked permissions, her account is there and I set it up for Contribute; Removed her account and re-added with full permissions; checked the box for every permission available.

Note: We migrated from SBS2003 to SBS2008 on 3-14, she had resigned and I disabled her account and then re-enabled on 3-1, a couple weeks before migration.
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quihongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A list can have unique permissions.

Navigate to the List and Go to Settings->List Settings->Permission for this List.

Does the list actually inherit permissions? If so you should see a line that states "This list inherits permissions from its parent Web site. To manage permissions directly, click Edit Permissions from the Actions menu."
Can you provide the URL of what she can access versus what she can not? Provide some screenshots if possible.

Silly as it sounds, if she is getting access denied, it means she does not have access. Double check that the subsite is inheriting permission from the parent site.
christensen_rAuthor Commented:
Here is the URL; http://companyweb/hq/default.aspx  and it's actually a list within this site she is getting access denied, no one else is getting this problem

List url: http://companyweb/hq/Lists/Personnel%20Change%20Log/By%20Active%20Employee.aspx

Since it is a list, permissions are inherited.

I'd get a screen shot but she has left for the day, I'll try to provide one later.  I can say it says access denied and gives the option of signing in as a different user.
check the list permissons, whether it is inheriting the parent one or ur overriding the permissons.
also check which users group she belongs to and check what permissons that groug has
christensen_rAuthor Commented:
I'm still getting used to WSS 3.0 and SBS 2008.  Thanks for the solution, it worked, it seems the list does not inherit permissions.
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