access hash object element's property with struts-tags

i have a HashMap h of stats objects S.S is like so

public class S{
  long x;

  public S(long x_){
    x = x_;

  long getX(){
    return x;

i'm trying to print x with struts-tags in jsp like so. it prints the size of h and the object type, but does not print the valie of x. any idea how to get x to print?
<s:property value="h.size"/><br/>
<s:property value="h[0]"/><br/>
<s:property value="h[0].x"/><br/>

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Try making "x" public in S.

Is it a hashMap.. or a set/list ?
fivesigmaeventAuthor Commented:
arggh. thank you for catching that...
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