Add sites to Internet Explorer "Restricted Sites" via group policy Server 2008

Title says it all.  I am looking for the simplest way to add restricted sites to internet explorer on Server 2008 domains.  Quite simply we want to prevent IE from browsing to a few social sites.

We can use DNS or third party tools/applications to accomplish this.  Using a proxy server of modifying the router set ups are likewise not an option.

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Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:

Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Here is an article explaining how to do it

Hope it helps,
Rich LeclairCommented:
This is how i do it on 2003
In GPO under
User Configuration

   + Administrative Templates

      + Windows Components

         + Internet Explorer

             + Internet Control Panel

                  + Site to Zone Assignmment List

If you enter the sites in here with the value name of the site and value's for the various security settings are below.

Value    Setting
   0        My Computer
   1        Local Intranet Zone
   2        Trusted sites Zone
   3        Internet Zone
   4        Restricted Sites Zone

Hope this Helps.
Rich LeclairCommented:
Also note that when doing it the way i layed it out it will make it so users can not add a site to their "Trusted" Sites because you are managing it thru GPO. So you will need to add these sites to the GPO for them to be Trusted.
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