Outlook Calendar Issue

I’m having trouble updating my Exec’s meeting invites in Outlook.

1st issue – I updated a meeting request, and when it went out, it showed as “tentative” rather than busy as it should.
2nd issue – the updates I made didn’t show up on my Exec’s calendar that I sent it from, but did show on the recipients calendars.
3rd issue – I just made another update to the invite and shows on my Exec’s calendar ok, but again showing “tentative” to the recipient and will not allow them to accept the new invite. It’s only giving an option to delete the invite. When I right click on the invite, opposed to opening it up, I clicked on “accept” it gives me a message that the update is outdated and I cannot accept it.
If it helps, my Exec is on a Mac and I’m on a PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
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If you have not installed the hot fixes (if applicable to you) and upgraded to Outlook 2007 SP2, I think that installing them might correct some (if not all) of your problems.  Irregardless, you should be up to date with service packs.


    More info    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/968009                
Outlook 2007 SP2 calendaring
Because having the same data everywhere is foundational to a reliable calendar, it is no surprise that much of our work focused heavily on Cached Exchange synchronization. We improved the synchronization engine so Outlook automatically resolves conflicting edits without generating alternative copies of the items in the Conflicts folder. We have also turned on the conflict resolution engine for delegates who cache their manager's calendar. By focusing heavily on synchronization, we have mostly eliminated issues that caused problems such as the following:
Duplicate copies of a meeting
Organizer have a different meeting version than attendees
Disappearing meetings
Reappearing meetings (usually exceptions)
Meeting that are removed from the organizer but still remain on attendee calendars  
khiggins_gsdAuthor Commented:
I tried updated the program with the hotfixes you sugguested but I am still experiening the same problem.
check to see if any of your calendar problems are among the known issues (bugs) discussed in the Calendar Issues topic area on this web site.  If your problem is one of those listed on the web site, the site should provide a work-around:


when the web site comes up, scroll down about 6 pages until you come to the topic area Calendar Issues.

Although this MS Outlook trouble shooter is not very comprehensive , you should check it out also.
Vishal BreedProgram ManagerCommented:
When sender is sending meeting request, is he/she selecting tentative or busy as mentioned in attached snapshot below? Ensure, sender has selected "busy"!!

You might want to try this new Exchange Mail Flow Troubleshooter that I just became aware of :

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