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I am unable to receive email from a handful of clients 95% of the time.  But there are more clients than not whose MSN email is coming through without problems.  The MSN senders receive the following message:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients failed.
(no details provided in the message)

 I have a Barracuda Spam Filter, but the non-delivered emails are not even hitting the filter; I contacted Barracuda Support to confirm.  I also contacted my ISP who ran an smtp test from MX toolbox and it is resolving the correct MX records. Both Barracuda and ISP recommend I contact Microsoft.

I have contacted Microsoft support, which has been a lost cause.  They will not support this issue.  Has anyone else had this problem, know of a solution, or have that special Microsoft contact?

Running Exchange 2007
Cisco ASA Firewall
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brdaellAuthor Commented:
Our SPF record was disabled.  After enabling it for about a week, still no joy.  So we disabled the SPF record.  We received MSN email immediately and the problem has not returned.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
Go to and check whether your public IP and mail doamin is black listed or not.
brdaellAuthor Commented:
Mail domain is not blacklisted.  We are able to send to, just not able to receive.
You might try disabling SMTP inspection on the ASA.

If you have a default config, that would be:

policy-map global-policy
class global-class
no inspect esmtp

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