sonicwall settings in a text file

Hope someone can help with this.
I need to export the sonicwall TZ170 Standard settings to a text file, so I can read it and keep it as back up. I know I can export the settings to .EXP file. that file can only be used to be imported back to a sonic wall router. it's not readable by humans.
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Cas KristCommented:
You can create a tech support report which is readable. Depends on the firmware how to create it.
For a newer model go to: 'System' - 'Diagnostics'. On the top of the screen you can create and download a .WRI file (wordpad).
Cas KristCommented:
This report can also be referred to as a TSR (tech support report).
Simon_mbcAuthor Commented:
Thank you caskrist.
I was hoping for a less detailed report, but I was able to get what I needed from them. thanks again.
Cas KristCommented:
You're welcome.
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