Read from a csv file

I have a excel file which i converted to a csv and freom this csv, i have to read the data in a application.
This excel file has 5 columns in each row.
In my code, i used the "," delimiter to retrieve the data.
But, the problem is each column is coming out seperated by a delimiter.
Why is this happening?
Is this something to do with the csv file i generated?

Public Sub getvals()
        Dim filetoread As String
        filetoread = "C:\Users\MyPC\Desktop\Data with addresses.csv"
        Dim filestream As StreamReader
        filestream = File.OpenText(filetoread)
        Dim readcontents As String
        readcontents = filestream.ReadToEnd()
        Dim textdelimiter As String
        textdelimiter = ","
        Dim splitout = Split(readcontents, textdelimiter)
        txt_Addr.Text = readcontents & "<br>"
        Dim dt As New DataTable
        Dim val As New DataColumn

        Dim dr As DataRow

        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To UBound(splitout)
            dr = dt.NewRow
            dr.Item(0) = splitout(i).ToString
        DataGridView1.DataSource = dt

    End Sub
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rowternetAuthor Commented:
The excel file that i was given has 5 columns(addr1, addr2, city, state, zip).
Now, when i save it as csv, each column is seperated by a ",". Where as i want the whole row to be seperated by a ",".
How can i do this?

Please post a sample CSV file with a few sample data
In your DataRow, your loop fills only Item(0).
What value do you want to fill Item(0) ? addr1, addr2, city, state or zip ?

>> Now, when i save it as csv, each column is seperated by a ","

This is the correct format for a CSV file. Each column is separated by a "," and each row is separated by a newline.

You should read the CSV file line by line, then split each line into columns.
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rowternetAuthor Commented:
split(Environment.newline) shuld be used i guess. I am able to seperate each row now.
>> split(Environment.newline) shuld be used i guess

This way you will fill Item(0) with a whole row of data "addr1, addr2, city, state, zip".
Is that what you want ?

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rowternetAuthor Commented:
StSanz, That is what i wanted.
May be i framed my question wrong.
Now, i have to retrieve latitude and longitude and insert them in to the csv file adn then export it to excel.
I am working on it.

rowternetAuthor Commented:
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