How do i set permissions to disable save, print and copy permissions in Sharepoint?

Hi Experts,

I am creating list in shareoint web application with attachment columns. anythihg can be uploaded using this attachement like pdf or doc etc.. but once uploaded when end user opens it, it should open at server side, and end user should not be able to print it or save it on local machine.

After doing lot of research i came to know that this can be done by IRM...i installed RMS on my server ...It installed and working fine ...i created a list called IRM List--->Settings---->IRM---->checked Restrict permission to documents in this library on download

Now the main problem...i loged in to the sharepoint site using Administrator and attached a docx in that IRM i logged in to User1 and clicked on the docx the Microsoft office 2007 is opened and as i expected the save, copy and the print are disabled...but the content is not visible .....but i wonder even the same happning when i looged in to the sharepoint site using administrator.......How can i resolve this how the content in side the document can be shown using this IRM

okeii that would be my first question

My second one

In one of the blogs i came to know that this can be done by server-side file handler by setting  the below permissions

View Only - Members of this group can view pages, list items, and documents. If the document has a server-side file handler available, they can only view the document using the server-side file handler

I have no clue how to use this server-side file handler ....i will really appriciate if any one help me in using this server-side file handler

Please help in solving this problem
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I can't answer your second question but for your first question, I don't think IRM is working yet in your environment. It is not that Word is disabling everything, including printing, etc., it is that Word is opening, but not opening the document, therefore the buttons in Word haven't been activated.
Once you have your IRM setup properly,keep in mind your users must have an email address assigned in active directory (the unique identifier, and perhaps your admin accoutn doesn't have one) and also use the IRM command line tool to test that you have IRM configured properly.
Here's a document that may help you along: 

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bobby010606Author Commented:
Hi Itgroove....thanks a lot it took me very close.....As you said the administrator and the users are not assigned with email address... so i gave the email address for the Administrator and the users
so now the new problem ...please follow the screenshots attached
I loged on to the site as Adminstrator(System Account) and selected the List IRM List--->Settings---->IRM---->checked Restrict permission to documents in this library on download .....Now i clicked on the Attached document asked for the credentials i entered the credentials then i haven seen the message as i am expecting
"Permission to this document is currently restricted. Microsoft Office must connect to http://rms-srv/_wmcs/licensing to verify your credentials and download your permission."
As shown in the below Sereenshot1
After hitting OK...I got the message like as shown in th it is verifying the credentials i entered the problem gave an message like cant open the document with the credentials .Do you want to you other credentials as shown in the screenshoot3 ....i clicked OK It gave me the SELECT USER as shown in  screenshoot4 .... here i can find the adminstrator email address which i entered it in the Active Directory ..... i cliked OK it is gave me the message as shown in screenshoot5.....If i click on ADD  button in the SELECT USER it is asking the Windows live ID
I am not sure wat went wrong .....please find the attached screenschoots ........Please help me in solving this i thing i am very close

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