mail from a person disappear on Blackberry mail, but appears on Outlook Web Access.

I have set up users through Blackberry Manager with Exchange 2007.
But one user(A) is always having problem sending to a specific email account (B) on same domain.
Blackberry on receiving account (B) can't receive emails from that user(A), but when she(B) log in to OWA(outlook web access), she(B) CAN see emails from that person(A).
She(B) doesn't have any problem receiving from any other emails within domain.
Any idea why this happens?
Thanks in advance.

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junaidITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is there any rules that have been setup for user b(the receiving person) outlook.

What u could possibly check would be the folder redirection if that's the case..on blackberry, go to messages, options, email settings and then press menu ,d choose folder the folder that u wud like to view and press back and choose save.

Any new msg hereafter will show up on the device

Gud luck
paulnaraAuthor Commented:
issue not repeatable.
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