Brick level backups on Exchange 2003 keep failing.

ERROR CODE [28:153]: The mailbox profile used by this product is invalid. Please try using MDBVU, Outlook or any other Exchange client to check if the profile works correctly.
Using: CommVault 7.0.0

That is the error code with every Information store that trys to backup. The Exchange Database is backing up correcly however.
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Psy053Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the account used for the mailbox backups still valid, and password not expired?

If they are, it's possible that the profile has become corrupt. I would recommend that you try to recreate the profile using the ProfMan utility ( )

looks like issue with permission.
JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
They used to work great. This was all of a sudden, but what would the permissions issue be with? Thanks...
JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
The service acct was the underlying issue. Thanks for your help!
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