PS2 issue

Hi Guys,
We have a shop with a barcode scanner using the old big PS2 port(might not be PS2 dont know the exact port name but is double PS2 siza), we plug this into the keyboard port at the back of my pc and split the port to a keyboard as well. But when using the scanner it sometimes disables the keyboard. Will switching to a usb keyboard fix the issue? Is it known to have issues when using two simoutaneous devices on the same PS2 port?
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAsked:
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I think switching to USB keyboard will fix that. Don't know exactly if it is known to have issues when using two  devices on the same PS2 port, but since you see it so i can say yes. And an USB keyboard is very cheap, so if i were you, when i see sometimes the keyboard is disabled, i will take switching immediately without thinking.
A usb keyboard wouldn't have the problem you are having with the pass-through. You could probably also replace the barcode scanner with a usb model (you'll likely have to someday). Any of the PS/2 adaptors or pass-throughs seem to go bad at some point and the 1st sign that I have seen is the devices connected to them have flaky connectivity.
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAuthor Commented:
Sorry tim but what is a pass-through? so the best solution would be to try the Usb keyboard first and if that does not work to replace the scanner with usb model?
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The port (double of ps/2) you were mention is DIN-5. usually keyboard interface type in old days.
check link
while this DIN-5 port supply 5v from one of the pin to run the attached device,splitting the interface would not send proper supply ,(in you case keyboard) and  cause the device stop functioning.
only one device can work at a time for DIN-5.
since you have DIN-5 keyboard , and if you have PS/2 port on you system you can use DIN-5 adapter for PS/2 port. (
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAuthor Commented:
Will the power issue also apply if a use two devices on a normal ps2 port?
not only power but signal transmission also, if you connect two device at PS/2 , the system cant assign interrupt to both device which is simultaneous connected to single ps2 port and as a result one of two device wont work.

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I agree with xtreminator that the scanner will not work without the keyboard plugged in, so if you get a new keyboard, you will need a new scanner.

does the computer have a ps2 port or a DIN5 port? (ps2 is small, DIN5 is big).  If it's DIN5, that must be some old equipment--does it even have USB?  If it is ps2 and only used the big plug for an adapter, you may not need a keyboard.
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAuthor Commented:
As far is i can remember the machine has a ps2 port and has a ps2 to din 5 converter for the scanner. and the ps2 port splits into another port for the ps2 keyboard. it should work taking out the ps2 keyboard and replacing with a usb keyboard as only one device will now use ps 2 port
any feedback ?
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