How to fix apache error: Directory index forbidden by Options directive?

I setup a website on a server (Fedora release 7;  Apache/2.2.8). I can access all of the pages on the site, however, when I run a script that writes a new html page, the script runs endlessly (i.e. browser says "waiting for" and I see this entry in the log file:

[Tue Apr 27 09:51:51 2010] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /var/www/html/sites/mysite/trunk/files/

I searched experts-exchange and have tried the following recommendations in other posts:
* Disabled SELinux
* Confirmed there are no .htaccess files in /mysite/
* I am using this in my http.conf file: Options +Includes +FollowSymlinks +Indexes
* I restarted Apache

...with no luck.

FYI: this is working on a development server with the exact same php.ini and http.conf files.

Any ideas?
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lloydswayzeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are trying to create a new html file on the website, it may be a permissions issue.
The message sounds more like you may be trying to reference a directory of files, which may  be locked down.  For instance, if you ask for the file will be displayed, but if you ask for  you may be requesting the list of files in the directory if it isn't set to default to a specific page (like index.html, or default.html).  Its not necessarily a good thing to allow access to directories, especially if webcrawlers or the public shouldn't see them.  So there may be a directive set up to prevent it.  If you want to see the directory you can create a php file to dislay it.
bearclaws75Author Commented:
It was a permission error (!). Thanks for the reminder :)
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