How to create a billing form in C# winform


In a billing form there should be product id ,product name, price of each product , quantity .
My question is the seller can sell as many items as he can but how can I do that? Which tool I should use? I thought textBox but how many should I put in form?
I am confused ..Can any Expert advise me that?

Thanking you,

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Shahan AyyubConnect With a Mentor Senior Software Engineer - iOSCommented:

You guess is correct, thats' a 'DataGridView'.
Yes it is possible to save and retrieve data from the db through.I want you to refer these two links:

/////// for accessing value of cell to store in db.

//// To link DataGridView to db for retrieving records. (It's in but there is not much difference in //// &

This will help you to deal with this control
Shahan AyyubSenior Software Engineer - iOSCommented:
See the attachment.

It is just for the idea.

ANINDYAAuthor Commented:
Expert Shahan_Developer
Thanks for the image .I have a small  question that is which toolbox item is used here to show the list of items that is itemID,Item Name, quantity ,item price etc.
It looks to me datagridview.
Is it the case that datagridview items ,that is cell values,  are saved in the table of database?
Thakns for the response
ANINDYAAuthor Commented:
Expert Shahan_Developer
Thanks a lot for your timely suggestion as for the past 2 days I lost my sleep as I am a fresher..
Again thanking you,
Anindya Chatterjee
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