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MS office error on Win2003 Terminal Server after adding new user

Windows 2003 Citrix 4.5 running Office 2007.

In adding a new user to active directory, and new GPO's for that user, then I tried to start MS Word and Excel for that new user to see if they worked.  Now several of my users get error on opening word of "this document could not be registered.  It will not be possible to create links from other documents to this document" if I click ok I get "There is insufficient memory or disk space.  Word cannot display the requested font"  Upon opening Excel, I get "Not enought system resources to display completely.

I'm down to 5gb free on c:, temporarily raised free space to 7gb, but no difference.

I changed the new user to Domain Admin, and everything seems to work, so I'm assuming there is some security issue but I can't figure it out.  The other regular users that get the error now too were not changed in any way when I added this new user.  It appears to have happened after I tried to run word/excel from the new user that has new limited security groups, not the same security groups as the other users. Another regular user that uses Outlook also said he has font issues in outlook now.

I'm pulling my hair out, any ideas?
1 Solution
Check processes running in task manager, check paging file size and make sure it's set to 1.5x the amount of ram, check MS Terminal service licensing and make sure you didn't exceed, check error logs for any hints at what the problem is...disk errors, etc.  Consider a memory test as well.
Brian_MBAuthor Commented:
I've been out of town for the weekend but what appears to have caused the problem is all font related.  I have a font manager installed and when I add a font, I thought it installed to the windows font directory, but instead it appears to create a link to the folder where I download and keep the fonts.  In auditing, I removed permissions to the shared folder that has the subfolder that contains the fonts.  I restored the permissions, and so far appears to have fixed the problem with word, excel and outlook.  I've been out of town so I need to follow up with my users.  The errors word and excel were giving were very misleading to end up only being inaccessible fonts.  M$ should take a look at that and change the error to something to point you to an installed font issue, not low disk space or insufficient memory.  If I find out this didn't fix it, I'll post back, otherwise consider resolved.
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