When running Windows Experience Index it stops when running the Direct3D 10 Constant Buffer Assessment. Why is this?

I just put together a new HTPC and I have Windows 7 64-bit running on it. I installed drivers for mobo and video card. When running Windows Experience Index it stops working once it runs the Direct3D 10 Constant Buffer Assessment. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?
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What video card is installed? What version of the video driver has been installed?
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Sapphire VaporX HD5870
I had Catalyst driver suite 10.2 and driver ver 12-115 (8.702)
I updated to Catalyst 10.3
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Do you have Any Antivirurs Software?

like Karspersky 2010 Av can make problem

If Dont Have any AV Software  try this

Go to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT
Rename the folder DataStore to OldDatastore, and try Update Your Score again.
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Installing latest DirectX didn't work. No AV software. Folder rename didn't work, it actually didn't even let WEI start up.
ATI 10.4 drivers out. can You test it with ati 10.4 drivers
Please do the following steps to fix WEI error when refreshing score On Windows 7


Enable built-in admin account

Click On Start Menu >> Click On All Programs

Click On Accessories folder

Right-click on Command Prompt item & Click On Run as administrator

Please type the following command line in to the coming window

net user administrator /active:yes

There is a space between "Administrator" and "/active:yes"

Log off & then log on the Administrator account



This issue may occur if the device driver is not fully compatible with Windows 7

You can try removing and reinstaling the driver as below

Click On Start Menu >> Click On Start Search box

In the Open Box type devmgmt.msc & press Enter

Double click to expand Display adaptors

Right click your video card & click Uninstall

Check Delete driver software for this device check box & then click OK

Restart the computer  \r

BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Installed 10.4. Didn't fix the issue. Should I do steps 1 and 2 and then run WEI again? or try step 1 first, and then step 2?
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
New drivers didn't work. currently trying the following: uninstall vid card and software, use windows 7 inplace upgrade to fix any possible file corruption, then reinstall vid card drivers and software. I doubt it'll work but i'll keep trying...
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Still no luck
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
I just tried running 3dMark Vantage, started up the program, it switched my color scheme to windows 7 basic, then when i went to run the benchmark it started loading things up, last thing i saw it say was 'Creating shader' then the program crashed.
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Any sages, geniuses, or savants want to chime in?
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help....
Do you have another card to test with so we can try and rule out hardware,
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Ive tested with another card. Im quite positive that hardware is not the issue. Its something correlating between the HD 5870, win7 64bit, and directx (directx 10 in specific I think...)
What card was tested? and what was the result? I was able to find information on a similiar issue where a vapor-x 5870 had problems with dx10 and dx11. Directx 9 ran fine but any dx 10 or 11 game or benchmark crashed the video driver
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
Pulled an nvidia GTX 200 series out of a work computer. It ran no problem. That information you found sounds exactly like my issue. Did they find a solution?
The solution was getting the card replaced. Where another card works fine the issue isn't the OS, and it happens with multiple driver versions, so most likely not a driver problem. That leaves the video card as the most likely cause.

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BsakelyAuthor Commented:
II read some people fixed their problem by tweaking their voltages and memory and clock speeds. But that didn't work for me either. So I'm just going to try replacing the card and see if the replacement does the same thing. If it does I guess I'll be going with nvidia.
I hope you mean DirectX 11.
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
What post are you referring to, gheist?
Thread topic.
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
It doesn't even get a chance to run 11. Once it starts on 10 it crashes. Although I have heard from other people with this problem that it crashes on 11 as well.
BsakelyAuthor Commented:
In this case the card was the problem. But for some other people with identical cards, driver updates worked. So you can't just assume it's specifically a hardware issue if a different VGA card worked (the problem card being from ATI and the one that worked from nvidia - completely separate software)
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