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Sonicwall TZ 180W configuation help IPOD

I have a Sonicwall TZ 180W in my home that despite my limited IT abilities is functioning well. I have two laptops that I use in the home that at first were a real problem to connect. Specifically, every time I wanted to connect I had to sign on to the Sonicwall appliance and I would get kicked-off repeatedly. Somehow, these two laptops can now connect without signing on and it is a pleasure. I'm not sure how I accomplished this but I THOUGHT that I did so by turning on MAC filtering and registering there MAC addresses as "allowed".

I now have an IPOD with wi-fi that I also want to connect to the wireless network. I have added its MAC address to the allowed list. However, I am still being asked to log on through the Sonicwall and I am kicked-off every time I browse to a new website. How do I set this up so that I can connect the IPOD without needing to log on??
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Can you post your LAN and WLAN information, as much as possible? Also do you have any rules from WLAN to WAN for web traffic? I wouldn't imagine you do, but just making sure.
Also, are you using any of the content filtering / security services?

You could go into the Wireless settings in the TZ180 and turn off MAC filtering and any other security. Just leave a WPA password. That will secure your home network quite well and will allow the clients to connect without trouble.
MAC filtering shouldn't require you to sign-on.  It just simply means that the SW won't allow you to connect unless the MAC is in the allowed list.  I think you've enable wireless guest services.  Network > Zones > WLAN > Guest Services.  The Enable Guest Services tab is probably selected.  Remove the check box and this shouldn't require you to sign on.
glad i could help and thanks for the points!
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