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use of rhn_check command

Hi All,
I want to know the use of rhn_check command. Whether this command will only check the updates available for that particular system or it will download & install the same. I am confused on this, if i execute this command, it gives :

[root@testserver~]# rhn_check  -v
Loaded plugins: rhnplugin

This is the only output i am getting. what it means ? is it that it has forwarded my request to rhn or it is not configured at all.

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1 Solution
       rhn_check  is  a  client  program  that connects to the Red Hat Network
       backend servers and retrieves information associated  with  the  queued
       actions  for  this  particular  system.  This  script reads the digital
       server ID from /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid and uses  that  to  identify
       the  machine  to  the Red Hat Network. Upon successfull authentication,
       rhn_check will start processing the queued actions sequentially.

If you are willing to keep the sistem updated you can also use yum
(#yum update)

Now, i'm not sure since i'm not being using red hat for a while, but rhn will install/update only what you selected on your rhn account.

If available, use yum, if you need further assistance, please state what OS you are using too.

hope this helped

pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
I am using rhel 5.4, my concern is I executed the command, but the output is like this :

[root@testserver~]# rhn_check -v
Loaded plugins: rhnplugin

so i what i want to know is, whether this will start getting updates from the rhn immediately & start installation immediately or what exactly it will do, as i executed this command on running server, will it create any issue i.e. it will get the updates , apply it & reboot the server. is it will be working like this.  or it will not do the installations at all.

You should login to RHN and select for that server's id the Check the Auto Errata Update property.
save the changes and login to your machine executing again the rhn_check command.

to answer your question, if no output is showing, no action are being executed.
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pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
I think sir you are confused, i mean to say is , currently i dont have access to RHN & i dont know what options are set for this system. mistakenly, I executed this command on the server, but i just need to confirm that nothing should be updated & the system should not be rebooted automatically. Thats why i am asking whether rhn_check will perform that action or not.

Hello Pankaj,

rhn_check wont reboot or update your system packages. its a command/tool below is the details.

rhn_check is a client program that connects to the Red Hat Network backend servers and retrieves information associated with the queued actions for this particular system. This script reads the digital server ID from /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid and uses that to identify the machine to the Red Hat Network. Upon successfull authentication, rhn_check  will start processing the queued actions sequentially.

let me know if u need further help on this
no reboot will be placed.
the way rhn works is that you, during install, sign up the server on rhn website and from there you magae what to update and what to skip.
executing that command you force a check.
If you check your crontab you should also find some commands calling rhn_check too.

pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
Actually we have kept rhnsd service off on all servers. But in the man page it is written that :

"Upon successfull authentication, rhn_check  will start processing the queued actions sequentially"

so what this exactly means, what queued actions it is talking about here. Is it that, whatever actions are configured for this host in rhn, it wil execute that.
if none are configured on rhn website...there is no queue to execute :)
pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
is there any way to check from client machine to check what configurations are done for that host.
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