Remote Assistance Windows Server 2003 > Windows 7 Pro

I would like to setup remote assistance to all my users on the domain. I'm running Windows Server 2003 and have some XP Pro and Windows 7 users. I need to be able to remote assist the users so we can both see what each other is doing without their permission. If someone is having a problem I need to be able to quickly show them how remotely so they can learn and not bother me anymore.

I tried using the Remote Control Add-On for Active Directory MMC Snap-ins, thinking this would allow remote assistance, but it seems to only be remote desktop through active directory (lame).

Would VNC be my best sollution? Is there a remote assistance option for Active Directory that would also handle Windows 7 machines?

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Glen KnightCommented:
Yiu can enable remote assistance offering via group policy as per:

or the Microsoft version:
Joseph DalyCommented:
I know that microsoft SCCM 2007 has a built in remote control which is not through RDP. But unless you have this in place its a pretty big process and cost to put in.

There are bunch of good tools out there for remote administration but one that I really like and have had a lot of success with is dameware.

This ties into active directory to display all of your computers, allows you to login either with your current windows credentials (if you have permissions) or specify a username or password, is windows 7 compliant. If you were to use the dameware NT utilities you get a tool suite that can tell you basically anything you need to know about a remote machine. We use this for about 2000 computers and I have not been disappointed.

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ronet_itAuthor Commented:

I've submitted the following question to DameWare Support but thought I would get your take on it.

Does DameWare's Mini Remote Control software behave like Windows Remote Assistance where I’m able to view the same screen as the remote user and aid in solving an issue? If so, would I be able to set up Mini Remote Control to access a user’s PC, within their profile, without their permission? I would like to basically “take over” their environment at a moment’s notice and solve whatever issue they are having without having to go through some permission or time limit thing.
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Glen KnightCommented:
Why would you pay for something if you don't need to?
Joseph DalyCommented:
Yes Dameware can take over a session of an existing user without them needing to accept anything. Basically as long as you know the computername or ip address of the machine you should be able to connect to it.

There will be a little box that pops up in the right hand corner to notify the user that you are connected. During a shared session you also have the option to let the user "drive" so you can have them replicate steps/problems/etc or you also have the option to lock out their keyboard and mouse input so they cant control anythign.

ronet_itAuthor Commented:

I only have 2003 servers, I need a solution for our Win7 users and I havn't found a remote assistance "patch" for Windows 7 from a 2003 server. I don't want to have to upgrade to 2008 right now. Additionally I have serval clients on seperate networks, and need an all-in-one solution to manage all the networks from one location without having to remote-in to each client. Dameware so far looks like it will handle it all for a small price. If you have a free solution, I'd love to hear it.  
Glen KnightCommented:
Why do you need to connect from a server? That's not good practice anyway.  You should use a client computer to do this.
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