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Some of the users in our network take the laptops with them home and they are using the same profile they are using in our network. We have ISA proxy server installed and they are getting these settings thorough group policy and they can't change the proxy settings. When they go home, the proxy is not available for sure so they can't connect to the internet.

Is there is a way through a login script or a group policy, to let them have the proxy settings when they login to our network and remove it once they log off or shutdown the system before they leave?

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:

Create a .pac file and place it on an internal IIS server that everyone has at least read-only/view access to (whether they know it or not). When they are in the office, there web proxy settings will be used - when they are out of the office it will be ignored because it is not available.

this is the syntax from one of my previous answers.

edit the file in notepad and make sure the ending has a .pac file.
In group policy, set everyone to pick up the auto configuration script and give the http://iis_server/proxy.pac on port 80 where you have placed the file.
This is NOT the autodetect option......
I've thought about this before for one user, but ultimately used NetSetMan free to setup a 'work' and 'home' network config and taught the user to choose between them.


Though I could see the script being good if you have a lot of users.
King1981Author Commented:
Little bit difficult to implement
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Are you having trouble with it? Explain and I can give you further detail if needed. It is actually very easy to do - once you have done it the first time.
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