Crystal Reports 11 - Cross-Tab report


I am trying to create a cross-tab report, but the output of the report is blank.
Below is my exact output of the SQL.
Emp_Cat 	Total_Emp_Months	Total_Employees
--------        ----------------   	---------------- 

Manager		400			15
Clerk		600			6000
Admin_Asst	800			60

My Report should look something like this:

Total Employee Months : 1800

Emp_Cat 	Total_Employees
--------        ----------------   	

Manager		15			
Clerk		6000			
Admin_Asst	60	
Total		6075		


First I created the formula for the total employee months (1800) sum({command.Total_Emp_Months})

Then I tried creating the cross-tab and made some changes in the cross-tab expert section.
I selected emp_cat in the Rows section and Total_employees in the Columns section, and selected total_employees in summary section.

My report is blank with no data in it, except for the text box information (Total Employee Months :, and the lines I drew on the rpt), all others are blank.
I am also not seeing the data for the formula I created.


Do we need to use cross-tab on the first place.
If so how can I get this working.



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I think all you need to do is display your Total Employees number in your detail section (or if you have multiple records per category, insert a group on Category and then insert a sum on your total_employees field).

You can then insert a summary on your Total_Emp_Months into your report header or footer.
D-pkAuthor Commented:
I tried placing the cross-tab in the group header (Created group on Emp_cat) and in the rows option I gave the Emp_cat and in the summary field I gave the Total_employess leaving the columns field empty...
still no luck.. the output is blank...

I think a cross tab is overkill for what you are trying to do if you just need what you described above.

I would do it as I described - just sum the fields you need.

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Try putting the cross tab in the report header or footer.

WHat are you grouping on?
Putting it in the group header restricts the data to data for that group.

With the SQL doing the work just use the details
No group.  Just put the   Emp_Cat  and      Total_Employees fields on the report in the details section

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