ASP.NET GridView header text blur when Gridview property 'Enabled' = false

I lock down a GridView on my ASP.NET site after a user makes a change by setting the Gridview property 'Enabled' = false.  For some reason, the header text is blurring when this happens.  I can't find anything on the internet about this... any ideas?
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Can you share the code where you are setting enabled=false?
Sorry mean you are disabling entire gridview or just one record // and can you share the screenshot of what you are seeing...
you are doing this through the Properties Explorer..did you not want to enable the state of the control?
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jamesdean666Author Commented:
This is the code:

this.gvClientAddress.Enabled = false;

I can't share the screenshot as it is client sensitive information... in the header that blurs, I have a black background with white text... the text get fuzzy once I set the Gridview property with the line of code above.
I think if you disable GV ..header will also be disabled as it is considered a row of GV...
My be you might want to loop through GV DataRows and disable individually

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jamesdean666Author Commented:
YAHTZEE....  That works great, thanks.
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