Teaming/Trunking Fiber Connections

We have tw buildings that are connected by a estimated 1200 foot fiber connection. The fiber run has 4 pairs and we are currently using two that are connected to 3 Alcatel Switches (6800, and 6850's) . Can we Team or Trunk the additional pairs  so that we can have the ability to have 2X1 Gbps links between the switches. I am not an Alcatel expert and have inherited these switches.
I am looking for advice on if this can work, how to setup the alcatel switches to do this without creating a loop, and would there be a noticeable gain? Is it worth it?


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WirelessnerdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A bit on the slow side but perhaps someone else will find this answer usefull.

Yes, you can create a link aggregate on Alcatel switches that lets you bundle several physical interfaces into 1 logical link with greater speed.
Alcatel uses a standardized protocol (LACP) for this so it is compatible with other vendors.

The minimal code to configure this is as follows:
lacp linkagg <agg_num> size <size> admin state enable
lacp linkagg <agg_num> actor admin <key>
lacp agg <port> actor admin key <key>

Size needs to be 2, 4, 8 or 16 and points to the maximuim number of phisical interfaces you want to bundle. Not all need to be actively used.

Example config:
lacp linkagg 1 size 4 admin state enable
lacp linkagg 1 actor admin 1234
lacp agg 1/1 actor admin key 1234
lacp agg 1/2 actor admin key 1234

lacp linkagg 1 size 4 admin state enable
lacp linkagg 1 actor admin 1234
lacp agg 1/1 actor admin key 1234
lacp agg 2/1 actor admin key 1234

This example binds ports 1/1 en 1/2 on switch 1 with ports 1/1 and 2/1 on switch2 (stack).
You can trunk the switches with this command

vlan 123 802.1q 1/24

where 123 is the vlan assigned to the switches and the 1/24 is your fiber ports.
Trunking will increase the speed and reliability. But I am nos sure if that will be noticeable. Depends on the speed of your network. It is up to you, if you don't use em for anything else, it wouldn't hurt to trunk them.
uzunoff: What you explained is vlan tagging. Cisco calls this trunkign but it is not what the quastionw as about.
It will not give ANY speed increase. It merely allows for different vlans to be active on 1 interface.
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