Why Microsoft doesn't want to include PRO Pack in SCVMM


I had a discussion with someone who works for Microsoft.  He told me Microsoft won't add PRO Pack in SCVMM.  They keep going on using SCOM and SQL server and other management softwares to enable the features in SCVMM.

Do you think it's a good idea, considering that Vmware has included all features in Vcenter instead of forcing us to purchase many softwares

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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
well it is not about if the feautre is included with a product or not it is about the total benefit from the feature and what you pay from it.
you should consider what you pay for the PRO in vmware and what you pay for PRO in SCVMM and compare it, the discussion about why not using a builtin feature, the direction is why inventing a new monitoring system while MS already has a very powerful system management solution, keep in mind the outcome that you can take integrating SCVMM with SCOM and System center service desk manager.

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quadrumaneAuthor Commented:
I think Microsoft should try to add PRO alone as a feature in SCVMM as vmware does with DRS in Vcenter.  But I agree with you, they already have a powerful system.  However, they should not only target the large enterprises but also the SMB.   Many SMB ranging from 50 to 500 nodes could pay for this feature.  But many of them  will not switch from vmware to Hyper-V if they have to add another bunch a softwares.  

I don't ask them to integrate it right away.  But it looks like they're not interested to even think about it.  
I am not a proponanat of MS, infact I personally think VMware is a better.
That being said... DRS in not free.... it is integrated with VCenter but not free.... similarly there is a cost associated with PRO since you need SCOM ... We can argue that one maybe hard to configure over the other but thats another debate.
If Microsoft put the efforts into integrating the same functionality in SCVMM... Microsoft might put a price tag that would eventually have us pay more than the two combined (SCOM + SCVMM).
BTW ... why do people don't mind paying for Vmotion licence when you have the same functionality in Hyper-V R2 for free?!!

quadrumaneAuthor Commented:
My debate is all about simplifying things.  Of course SCVMM will be more expensive when (or if) PRO will be integrated.  But Microsoft maybe should :

1 - For 2 CPU ESX 4 enteprise the maintenance contract is not ffree,  more than 1600$ / years  But we still have to purchase Windows server.

2 - Windows 2008 enteprise R2 Open Value is even less expensive, and the Hyper-V role is included.   No more Vmware maintenance contract is required.  

3 - Vcenter is very expensive.  But our clients could afford to pay the same price for SCVMM if it was fully integrated with PRO.

I just think that Microsoft could get a better share in this market if they come up with a simplified product.  

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