sony vaio VGN-TXN25N and extra mini-pcie slot for WWAN - can it be used for something else?

I have a sony  caio VGN-TXN25N  laptop and wanted to replace the wwan card in it with another card (Broadcom Crystal HD). Issue is that the mini-pcie port seems to be turned off by default and only turned on when you use the sony smartfi software and it tries to activate the wwan card. Is there any way (Utility or trick) that would allow me to turn on the port so I can use the crystal HD decoder to watch movies? The laptop has 2 mini pcie, one with the intel wifi card and that is always on. I was able to remove the wifi card and put the crystal HD and that was working fine, but then when I put the wifi card in the wwan slot, it does not work... Any idea? There is nothing in the bios that would allow me to change anything, I checked the power saving and that does not help.
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Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Its not that; its that the Sony BIOS/software only recognizes a fixed set of devices.  This guy would have solved your problem:
It would have been as ugly as sin; but ....
Is ther an ExpressCard version of the Crystal HD?
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Sony offers both a Bluetooth and cellular card for use in that slot.  The user guide says you need to use the SmartWi Configuration Utility to manage those slots.
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Yep, looks also like that slots only takes USB cards even though they look like a mini pcie. Even when i use the smartwi utility, only the wwan card works, I wasn't able to get multiple dell wifi cards or anything else to even be detected by the OS. I guess I'm SOL for using the Crystal HD card in that slot...
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