Error Loading OS on Dell Vostro 1000

Dell vostro 1000 orig HD 80gb has bad sector.  Preformed check disk to mark bad sector and recovered. Purchased a new 160gb HD and used GHOST 2003 to clone the drive.  This is a great program and have not had any issues from previous cloned drives.  I've actually worked with drives in a worse condition with success.  Cloned drive and during process no error's noted, successful clone.  When booting up on new 160gb HD, " Error Loading Operating System."  I removed drive and installed it as a USB drive can see all data and no errors, all data is there.  I ran GHOST a 2nd time.  I then used Windows Disk and ran a repair to make sure nothing was missed.  Same error.  Not sure which direction to proceed.  I ran the DISK diagnostics no errors on drive and it will load in CMOS.  Current Dell bios ver 2.5.2.  I don't think it's a BIOS issue.  
Scott HuffmanAsked:
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Scott HuffmanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help, but in the end, I had to format and reinstall.  
Did you reset your BIOS to the default settings? This usually clears up HDD boot failures.
Scott HuffmanAuthor Commented:
yes I tried that already.  I forgot to mention it.  I'm wondering if it could have something to do with the MBR?  Thoughts?
B HCommented:
did you ghost partition to partition, or disk to disk?

you need to do disk to disk OR edit the new boot.ini file to reference the correct partition number on the new drive

by the way, did you go from PATA (pins on the drive) to SATA ?  xp is probably going to freak if you did
When i started with ghost ( a long time ago) i ran into this problem, the fix i found was to start the windows build from disk and get to the point when windows boots into the GUI part of the install, then i ran ghost on the drive and replaced the part install with the ghost image, this worked everytime,, when i get time i really must apply myself to working out why it happens,, im sure its an MBR issue...try booting from a win 98 floppy and typing fdisk /mbr at the prompt, it may rewrite the MBR for you.
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