Hot Clone 2003 STD to 2008 STD R1 x64

I have a client with a 2008 std R1 x64 server that was recently installed. It replaced an SBS 2003. They didn't want Exchange or the SBS package. They also have a 2003 STD still in production but on it's last leg. We need to move everything from the 2003 to 2008. While collecting data, I spoke with one of the software vendors, and their software will not run on a x64 bit platform.

So my "quick and dirty" solution, is to simply create a virtual environment on the new server, hot clone the 2003 into the virtual environment, then continue forward. Here is my problem: I know XenServer and VMWare have the ability to hot copy a machine like that, but they need their own servers to do it. Does anyone know of a system that will let me do that inside of Server 2008 R1 x64? I have not had a chance to work with M$ Hyper-V yet, but I do not think it ships on a R1 server. I know Sun's VirtualBox will run fine on the server, but I do not hink it has the ability to clone a running machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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LuukerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the info. I do not have a VMware server running so converting to VMware would not work. I used XenConvert on a different client but I was also working with a XenServer.

The third link you sent looks like it would work, but I also need to change the drive size in the convert.  Will I have the option to change the drive size during the conversion?  I couldn't find anything on the site explaining in detail.
LuukerAuthor Commented:
So I ran the P2V XenConvert tool.  I had to create a VHD file since it was going to attach to Hyper-V. I got it in Hyper V fine and of course AD took a dive.  I copied the NTDS.dit file from the old server and got AD back online. Everything seemed to be working fine EXCEPT for 2 SQL databases which are the backend of the EMR software. This software was the entire reason I was moving P2V instead of creating a new server.  The 3rd party vendor wants to charge $7000 dollars to migrate software to another machine.

Anyway, it didn't work at all. There were other SQL databases running that moved fine. Are there any tricks I need to use to get the SQL to move successfully?
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