Printer monitoring/restricting for students in a K-12 school district


I work IT in a small school district. There are 5 schools and approximately 4100 students. Right now we are a Novell shop, but we are migrating to a Domain over the summer.
I work in the high school and we are having issues with the kids sending random and sometimes large print jobs to the various printers here in the school. I'm looking for software to monitor the printers. I'd like to know who sent what where.

All the kids have individual Novell logins and will have individual Domain logins next year. They are abusing the printing using the lab machines with the generic lab login. Right now the labs all login with a single generic login. There might actually be a couple of logins, but nothing to really narrow down which lab and which PC the print job came from. There are also something like 15 laptop carts with 15 laptops on each cart. Next year I want the all the lab PCs and carts to auto-login using an individual login for each machine. We are also going to rename the PCs to have a location or cart specific name.

What I would want from the printer monitoring software is: the Netbios name from the PC that sent the print job, the IP from the PC if possible, and the domain login used to send the print job. I know the kids can just use one of the generic lab logins to send their junk print jobs that is why I need the computer's Netbios name. The teachers can then keep track of who used which PC.

If anyone has software they are familiar with and can make a recommendation, it would be appreciated.

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ocockmConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The manager of the IT Dept. has gotten input from the contractor who is doing the Novell migration and there is software that is going to be installed so we can monitor printing on our network. I wasn't able to get any details or the name of any specific software.
What is the make/model of the printer that you have?  Some printers have the capability to set a job size, and some even have logs already on the printer (or the capability to log to a remote machine).

I believe this software here is a commercial product, but since it's for the school maybe they would order it.  It may or may not fit your needs:

Kyocera makes a good printer monitoring software and I will try to get back and find a link and it doesn't what type of printer it is.
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