I recieve an error when I run the Exchange 2010 Best Practices Analyzer

I just installed exchange 2010 on two virtual machines in my lab.   I have a DAG configured for High Availability for the mailbox role.  When I run the exchange 2010 Best Practices Analyzer I get this error:
(Unsupported Virtual Machine Configuration - Clustering)

The Hyper-V servers (Physical Servers) are not clustered, but I have two VMs that are clustered fot the DAG.  

I read an article that says the following:
Microsoft doesn't support combining Exchange high availability solutions (database availability groups (DAGs)) with hypervisor-based clustering, high availability, or migration solutions. DAGs are supported in hardware virtualization environments provided that the virtualization environment doesn't employ clustered root servers.

My Physical Hyper-V server's are not clustered so my setup should work.  Does anyone know of any known issues with the exchange 2010 best practices analyzer.  I'm not sure why it would say 'Unsupported Virtual Machine Configuration - Clustering'.  I've set my lab up 3 times from scratch and I get the same error when I run the BPA.   If anyone has faced this error, please let me know what you did, or if this is a known issue with the BPA.  Thanks.
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a bug from the ExBPA, it is not updated with this info. This was confirmed by Henrik Walther http://www.msexchange.org/Henrik_Walther/
This is the second case about this issue,

As far as I know yes you are right your setup is supported however it seems there is something missing in the BPA or in Microsoft documentation.

I will update you if/when I have more info about it
Crossroads305Author Commented:
Ok.  Thanks.
Crossroads305Author Commented:
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