Need to flush sqlservr.exe process through an automatic task

Hey there, I have a client running SQL 2005 and ACT Premium 2010.  There is a SQLSERVR.EXE process that is gradually growing in size, as the database is used (there are only 4 people using it in the company).  It seems that the requests are not flushing or releasing after being processed and lumping itself into the RAM.  It starts around 200MB and grows to 1.4GB before the server becomes so slow, it needs to be restart or I have to restart the SQLSERVR.

Having a tast to restart SQLSERVR.exe is not hard, however there are a bunch of dependant ACT modules that need to be restart after SQLSERVR is restearted.

I know this is chasing the symptom, but neither SAGE or the custom DB guys supporting the ACT stuff will fess up to where the issue is coming from.

Is there any way to 'flush' the sqlserve.exe process lets say at midnight without doing a restart of the process (so it does not cause issues needing them to all be restart manually again)

Thank you
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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
Start | Run | ACTDIAG
Tools | Release ACT! Memory

You can set how often you want it to run
bcameron70Author Commented:
GLCOMPUTING...I tried the ACT memory release, but ides not seem to affect the sqlservr.exe process...
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