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I have set up Exchange Journaling.  I setup a user named Journal and am journaling to that users mailbox.  My question is, if that mailbox hits the limit that I have setup for it and is unable to send or receive, what will happen?  Will mail still continue to flow, just the messages will not be journaled?
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the duplicate emails going to the journal will be stuck in the queue. I would also suggest creating a new seperate mail database that only holds the journal mailbox and no production users. this way if something happens to the database the journal is in it wont affect users. also journals can create alot of white space and that is another reason to seperate the journal from users. white space can only be recovered by an offline defrag.
you may want to take off the limit size for send and receive since you always want to capture all emails at all times, leave the size notifications on. you can sign on to the journal account, open outlook as the journal user and create a rule to forward size notifications to you or an admin. then you know it is approacking the limit you set but the box will still accept email until you or an admin can get to it.
That's correct.
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