Acer Eee PC - how to recover the op sys (xp)

How to reinstall the op sys.

Is there a recovery partition

its a Eee pc 1005hab
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Steps came from here for an Asus eee 1002HA with no DVD drive.

The hidden restore partition contains the restore image of the Windows XP home. To recover using this method, follow the following  steps:

   1. disable boot booster in BIOS.
   2. press F9 key during the bootup
   3. this will make your EEE to boot into recovery console
   4. you will given the warning that the recovery process will delete all the data
   5. click on ‘tick’ button to start the recovery process. It should take about 5 minutes to complete the recovery process

Your computer should have came with a restore disk. If you have this disk place it in your ROM and boot from it.  Follow the instructions to recover.  Do you have this disk?
fcekAuthor Commented:

This net book has no cd rom drive.
The EU wasnt supplied with a disk.

I wonder can I envoke a recovery partion somehow?
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Probably no,
you have to install it using XP CD
You need to disable the boot booster first. Follow these steps:

make sure that the unit is connected to the power cord.
- shut down the unit and start tapping F2 (BIOS) as soon as you boot it up again
- once in BIOS, press F9, then hit enter
- go to boot then disable Boot booster
- then go to boot settings and press enter the disable quick boot
- then press F10 and hit enter then immdiately keep tapping the F9 key
- stop tapping once you get " starting or loading pre installation environment"
- wait for the confirmation if you want to run system recovery and hit the check mark
- wait for the Symantec Ghost progess bar to be completed and restart the computer when its prompted
- the screen should take you to the agreement page
- after you finish with the agreement page , you should be all set..

If you have an external drive, use it to back up any data you want first.
fcekAuthor Commented:

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