ALias name for ItemNmbr

In our POS, we can have several aliases for a particular item. We need this feature because, we have a barcodeas the itemnmbr, but we also need to be able to add other names to identify this item.

Can we store Aliases for Itenmbr in GP? does GP have this functionality built in.

Any ideas would help. Thanks
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Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

I'm not aware of a way to do exactly what you describe, as there aren't any spare text or user defined fields on the Item Maintenance window.

The following options come to mind.  I'm listing the first three just in case they might work for you.

1) The Item Maintenance Options window has two Substitute Item fields.  I'm assuming this will not work for you, since both of those fields require a valid item number.

2) The Options window also has 6 category fields.  Since these are also validated lookup values, I'm assuming this will not work for you either.

3) Vendor Item Number + Description.  From the Item Maintenance window, you can click on the Go To button in the upper right corner and select Vendors.  This will open the Item Vendors Maintenance window, which has Vendor Item and Vendor Description fields for the item.  The limitation here is that you can only have one alternate item number and description per item, and it is vendor specific, so I'm guessing this won't meet your needs either.

4) My guess is that you'll probably want additional custom, free form text fields.  If so, Extender may be an option.  Extender allows you to attach a new window to the Item window that has up to 15 custom fields.  Extender is nice because it does not require custom code, windows are fully integrated into GP, GP security can be used, and the windows can be setup as new SmartLists.  The downside is that including Extender data on reports can be a challenge, and querying the data from SQL can be a bit of a hassle.  But overall it can be an effective tool.  I believe that Extender used to be licensed separately as an a la carte module for GP 10, but with all of the licensing changes, I don't know how it is licensed any more.  If you don't have it under Tools -> Extender, you can talk to your GP partner to see if you are licensed for it, or what it would cost.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional


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Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Two other options in addition to what Steve has suggested:

1. Manufacturer's Item Numbers. On the Item Maintenance window click the Go To button and choose Purchasing, then click the gears icon to the right of the looking glass next to Item Number.  This will open the Manufacturer's Item Number Maintenance window.  This is not validated, so you can put anything you want in here.  You can also have multiple 'manufacturers'.

2. Customer Item Numbers.  This is very useful if you have customers ordering your items by a number other than your item number.  However, it's specific to the customer, so you may need to create a record for each customer/item combination.  To open this setup window go to Cards > Sales > Customer Items.  The customer item number is not validated.
Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:
Thanks Victoria.  

I don't think I even knew about the Manufacturer's Item Numbers window--that looks like a great option, depending on how and where the different item descriptions need to be displayed or reported.  It would seem to be much better than an Extender window.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional

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