SSMS 2005 Print the "Modify" view

When you right click on a table name and choose "Modify" you get the Column Names, Data Types, and Allow Nulls for each column in that table.  Is there a way to PRINT this or export it to excel so I can have a hard copy of my column names, their data types and if they allow nulls?
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Reza RadConnect With a Mentor Consultant, TrainerCommented:
right click on the table in ssms,
select script as -> create
this will generate create table script with all column names and data types.

cdemott33Author Commented:
Hi reza rad - I went to "Script Table as"... Then to "CREATE to"... and my options are:

New Query Editor Window

If I do "New Query Editor Window" it creates a script.  If I execute it I get the following message.

Msg 2714, Level 16, State 6, Line 1
There is already an object named 'USERINFO' in the database.

I don't want to create the table again... I just want to print the column names, data types and allow nulls informaiton about the exisiting USERINFO table.

What am I doing wrong?
cdemott33Author Commented:
Oh wait... DUH...  LOL.... I see the info is IN the script.  
Reza RadConsultant, TrainerCommented:
Glad to help,

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