using blackberry Desktop Manager for multiple devices

I want to install blackberry Desktop Manager on my computer without having the association with my blackberry.  I want to be able to use Desktop Manager to backup data and update the OS of any blackberry without causing any synch issues or causing the pin # to change on the users BES account.  Basically i need a computer station for troubleshooting blackberry's.
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thabashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what you do is when ever you connect your new bb device to the same pc, the desktop manager will notify you that there is new pin
and it will show you the old pin with new pin, you should move your mouse till it synch with the new device,

later you return the other bb pin it will ask you the same
just be sure that you take each device backup indepently
This is no issue.  Install the Desktop Manager software and configure to prompt for user profile.

Then you will need to create a user profile in Outlook or Notes -- whatever you use prior to each connection.

Once you configure the mail account then start the DM and select the users profile you wish to use.  If you do not have admin rights to the mailbox then you will need the users ID and password as well as BB password iff in use.

Other than that it's very easy I do this every day.
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