How do I use back button on classic ASP back to .NET page?

I have a .NET web application written in VB.NET with a few classic ASP pages in it.
The issue has to do with the following 3 files:
1. .ASPX page
2. classic ASP page / processes and then redirects to page 3
3. classic ASP page

When a user clicks on a link in file 1:
a "session sharing" class creates hidden input fields for each member of the session collection in a dynamic form in memory and submits to file 2
File 2 is a classic ASP script that process the request object form fields and places them into the classic ASP session and redirects to file 3
The issue we need to resolve is how to go back to file 1 from file 3 when the user hits the back button in the browser while they are on file 3 (the classic ASP page).
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RDWaibelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just ran into this artical from my buddies at 4GuysFromRolla

that might solve your issue.
use javascript

<a href="javascript: history.go(-2)">Back</a>
UConnAuthor Commented:
That sounds like it would work, except that the solution needs to work with the browser's back button, not a "Back" link on the page.

I would put a BACK button on the page and let me think about the other...
UConnAuthor Commented:
RDWaibel's comment about the 4guysfromrolla article solved our issue.
I didn't get a chance to post back that it solved it.
They should get credit.
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