Need an IS LIKE style regex for a C# Net app.

I inherited a web app written in C#, I'm not entirely fluent in C#. From what I understand there is no "IS LIKE" in C#, apparently you have to use regular expression.

What I need to do exactly, is evaluate a variable from the database and determine if it contains the letter 'W' or 'w'. and if it does add 3% to another variable.

My problem is that I don't know the syntax in C# to pull this off, I have the below code in place and working.

So really I need to determine if there's a W in their contract number, and if there is display my variable intCCplusFee if not, display intPaymentAmount.

        // if all validation is successful, we proceed

        // save selected payment amount to session

        if (txtAmount.Value.Trim() != "")
            Session.Add("PaymentAmount", txtAmount.Value);
            Session.Add("PaymentAmount", Session["Balance"]);

        // switch CC to a secure view for receipt and emails

        string ccNumber = txtCardNumber.Value;
        string stripCCNumber = "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-" + ccNumber.Substring(ccNumber.Length - 4);

        Session.Add("stripCCNumber", stripCCNumber);
        Session.Add("txtCardName", txtCardName.Value);
        Session.Add("cboCardType", cboCardType.Text);
        Session.Add("txtEmail", txtEmail.Value);

        int intPaymentAmount = Convert.ToInt16(Session["PaymentAmount"]);
        double intCCplusFee = (intPaymentAmount * .03+intPaymentAmount);

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Michael KnightAsked:
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HainKurtSr. System AnalystCommented:
try this

if (s.Contains("w") || s.Contains("W")) {...}


if (s.ToUpper.Contains("W")) {...}

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HainKurtSr. System AnalystCommented:
you can also try

if ((s.IndexOf("w") != -1) || (s.IndexOf("W") != -1)) {...}
if (s.ToUpper.IndexOf("W") != -1) {...}

Michael KnightAuthor Commented:
if (s.ToUpper.Contains("W")) worked a treat!

has the System namespace always included the .Contains method for c#?

Sheesh shows you how much I know about c#...
Michael KnightAuthor Commented:
RE: My original Author Comment...apparently .Contains is a .NET 2.0 and higher thang. So I I'm not as thick as I thought.
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