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I have a Clariion CX 300 that has several storage groups.  I would like to move one of the LUNs in a storage group to another storage group.  I see the option on the properties of a LUN to add to a storage group but no option to remove from a storage group.  Is this possible?
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In Navisphere, right-click on the storage group that contains the LUN you want to remove. Select the Select LUNs tab, then select the LUN you want to remove. You'll see a left pointing arrow go from grey to blue (from memory). Click the left-pointing arrow. Click apply. Done!

Now select the new storage group, select the Select LUNs tab and you'll now see that teh LUN you've just removed has become available. Select it, then click on the right-pointing arrow. Click apply. Done.

The host that you removed the LUN from will complain bitterly and you'll get PowerPath flagging an error. You can either put up with it until the next reboot or do the following:
Open a command prompt
Path to Program Files\EMC\PowerPath
Run powermt config
Run powermt remove dev=all (removes all dead devices, leaves good ones in place)
Go to Windows Device Manager
Rescan for new hardware
Go to Disk Management and scan disks.
The PowerPath error should now be cleared..

Having said all that, the revision of PowerPath you are running will determine how easily you can clear the error. You may need to reboot anyhow, but you can do it at your next maintenance window.


Hummm.... Not exactly working as planned.  I don't have the option to remove a LUN, only the big metaLUN that the LUN is in.


O.  I want to remove LUN 35.  It is currently wasted space that I need somewhere else.
Ah. That's not quite the same thing. You can't remove a component LUN from a metaLUN without destroying the entire metaLUN - and that will destroy the data on the metaLUN and its components.

You'll need to create a new LUN of the appropriate size, add it to the storage group, mount it on the host, migrate the data to it using host utilities (xcopy or gparted or whatever you're comfortable with), then change the drive mappings in the host OS to the new LUN. You can then remove the metaLUN from the storage group, destroy it and reclaim the space.
Thanks! Glad I could help.

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