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World of Warcraft Fraud

I was unfortunate enough to wake up with 12 WOW charges on my bank account for $25.00 a piece.
Since yesterday (when this all began) I have done quite a bit of reading on fraudulent charges and Blizzard. I located many message boards and posts on this issue dating back to 2007.
The purpose of this post is to get and receive insight.  
My bank and Blizzard were contacted. My bank account was closed to stop charges. Blizzard informed me that the charges were for "Character Transfers" and that the charges were indeed fraudulent.
What I'm curious about and can't get clear answers to is the following.
1) The account they used to generate new charges was closed months ago.
2) I can only imagine that the "Character Transfers" were in order to facilitate gold mining. In my reading it seems that people who mine are constantly having their accounts closed, i.e. they need new ones and this is a way to get them.
So, there's my insight and update on this problem.
If anyone has any other information or ideally specifics on Blizzard and bogus charges I'm all ears.
One other note. In the pages and pages I read concerning this most of the people encounter charges anywhere from $14.95 to $25.00 as the norm. One unlucky person was nailed for $30K....FYI
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Sorry you got caught.
Most of the cases are down to misdirection to fake Blizzard logins. The scams are well organised and the login information collected is often not used for a few months after it's captured to avoid suspicion.
Then the scammers will log in, transfer the character to another server, empty the inventory & redistribute the proceeds to accounts that have paid them for gold mining. then effectively use that character as a "mule" to move more gold around the servers. Leaving the account owner with the character transfer charges, no assets and often a forcibly closed account.
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
That's very good information. Thank you. I realize catching the "who" behind this is next to impossible. But I do want as much insight as to the "why" as I can get.
Someone got your card info somewhere.

Probably nothign to do with the WOW company, more likely some WOW playing waitress you paid for a meal with a card.
The best remedy is to spend $10 and get an authenticator from Blizzard.  They attached to your battle.net account and the one time code is required each time you log on to play or manage your account, which is the only way character transfer occur in the firs place.  Plus you get a nifty in-game pet :-).
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
Very good information the whole way round. Thank you all. As a side note, the issue was resolved. Blizzard refunded the charges without a fight.
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