High CPU Wait

I am trying to figure out this machine runs slowly.  The machine has plenty of power but seems always be sluggish.  I include a screenshot of top below.

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so mysqld is by far the biggest resource hog. First, try restarting it. If that works, then you're done. If not, you have to go into mysql and find out what queries are taking up so much CPU. Enable the slow-query log.

To enable slow query log, add the following line to MySQL configuration file (my.cnf or my.ini), and then restart the MySQL server:

No Screnshot.....   :)

Process Explorer

Select the Threads Tab, and double click the highest CPU hog, and paste the contents here please...

If the CPU Hog is a svchost.exe..... Double click the offencing SVCHost.exe and make note of the Services listed in the Services Tab......Next, try a process of elimination, by stopping each service one by one, until the cpu usage drops......

cschmidt0622Author Commented:
Top output

Im sorry, I TOTALLY missed the Linux tag on here........

How long has this machine been up?
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