Absence and Vacation Template and active directory and PERMISSIONS

I installed the Absence and Vacation template from the Fab 40...

I would like to:
a) automagically import the manager name for approval for each user
b) not a necesity but would be nice to know...have that particular workgroup's time visible to that workgroup only (with managers being able to see all groups) OR
c) make so the user can only see their time (the manager can see everyone or workgroup, etc)

Is this even possible? or do I have to create a Absence and Vacation site for each department and them somehow follup all the info for HR? Seems like a maintenance nightmare to me...
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A.) Can easily be accomplished if you have the manager name specified in AD. Otherwise you can also create a connector to pull it from your HR system, depending on what your HR system is that may be more work. Populating the manager field in AD is the easiest way.

for B and C I will have to look at the template again. Haven't used it much. But I believe you can do it by using security groups that map to your workgroups and then you can permission and/or create views that will only show items in the workgroup or items involving yourself.
sullisnyc44Author Commented:
I do have the manager name specified! But how do I pull it?
with your profile syncronization settings. Add the manager field to the sync settings and then you will have it as part of the users SP profile which you can then use in workflows and other things
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sullisnyc44Author Commented:
This can be done in sharepoint 2007?
sullisnyc44Author Commented:
Also I need to import data into this template but am receiving countless errors - datasheet, access, etc.

How can I get data from my excel spreadsheet into this template? I'm losing my hair over this one... :((
yes it can be done in sharepoint 2007. go into the shared service provider administration site and you will see options for user profile synchronization.

As far as importing data from excel into the template.....what exactly do you mean? You're trying to import excel sheet as a sharepoint list? How are you trying to do the import? What are the errors
sullisnyc44Author Commented:
had to delete and recreate the site... appears to be working now

One question... would I populate the 'Manager' field during the workflow approval process?
sullisnyc44Author Commented:
Also - how do I get rid of the 'time' displaying for events that are clearly marked as all day events?
the time for all day events is one of the flaws of that template. You would have to create your own template fixing that in order to get rid of that.

As far as populating the manager field...I'm not sure I'm following. If you sync the profiles the manager field should already be populated for each user that has the manager set in AD. With the workflow you would send the approval to the manager (and if this part is what you are talking about then yes) by just pulling the metadata on that user of manager name.

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sullisnyc44Author Commented:
Thanks! How do I pull he metadata of that manager name? Via SPD?
sullisnyc44Author Commented:
Also if I want to restrict permissions to the workgroup I belong to? I'd like to be able to see all the users in my department. Where can I set that?
sullisnyc44Author Commented:
because no one can really answer this ? apparently
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