Adobe media encoder CS4 won't import .mov files?!

I'm having an issue with Adobe media encoder.

I'm trying to import an .mov file, so that I can make an .flv file of it.

My problem is, that when I try and drag an .mov into media encoder, I just get a message about media encoder not recognizing the file??? I've had no problem with this before, but after formatting I suddently can't.

I tried importing on two other computers with the same error. (XP and vista x64 bit)

Figured it had something to do with a missing codec or something like that. Tried downloading Quicktime and K-lite codec pack - no effect from that.

Do anyone know specific what I need to do, to get this working?
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mrsamAuthor Commented:
I dropped this and used another program - so never found a solution :)
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi mrsam,

Does this happen with any .mov file or only specific files?  Can Media Encoder open up any video?
mrsamAuthor Commented:
I've tried adding an .avi and an .flv without any problems. All the .mov files ive tried adding won't recognize and to the media encoder
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Quicktime does need to be present but you said you did that already.   Can the files open in QT?
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