I am having an issues with remote users who access the openvpn server.

These clients sometimes connect to the VPN successfully then their Outlook starts dropping connections.

Most of the users get this issue:
Login successful and never gets an IP address. The NIC keeps seearching for an IP adddress.

I do not know what seams to be the issue?

Do you know what I can check? or verify? I know it is using its own internal IP range in the .conf file. I do not see why it is not working.

This has all started after the system went down hard (power loss). When the server came back up, the vpn did not work period until I manually had to restart the service.
I think if we look into what could have gotten messed up due to a power loss, then we can solve this issue.

Thanks in advance
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mancoiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Anyone out there knows about OpenVPN linux?
Try to check disk integrity and check integrity of used server config file. Also key files if used.
A file corruption is the most popular issue of hard power loss situation.
mancoiAuthor Commented:
How can I check, What can I check. Can we do some inspection?
Sorry, I just got that is about Linux OpenVPN. I have some experience in using OpenVPN for Windows. And I am not so familiar with Linux-specific file integrity checking. There are some FS issues in windows that make a file non-readable, or make it corrupted for correct reading. They are commonly fixed with FS repairing tool like chkdisk in windows. But I guess that OpenVPN for Linux is similar to it's Windows port, so OpenVPN-itself-specific things could be the same.
So, to view deeper to server working it's good idea to enable logging, and make it's verbose level higher than average. OpenVPN has option "verb". By default it's set to 3 but to debug some connection issues it must be 6 .. 9. It will give more info in log file.
End first it's also good idea to view conf file itself whether it is corrupted or not. And maybe even show it here.

And what does server log in high verbose mode say about a client connection sequence?
It doesn't depend on the hosting OS. Just try to analyze it.
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