heartbeat problem

i have setup up 2 NODs with apache and heartbeat.

it is working perfectly. only one problem is there

if i kill the httpd process manually for testing (for some reason it might hang)on NOD1 it is not failing over to NOD2

i am using heartbeat 2.1.4 and lastest stable version of apache on cent OS 5.4
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riyaziAuthor Commented:
OS: Cent OS 5.4
Applciation: heartbeat for HA cluster

hearbeat version: 2.1.4
apache version:2.4
Can you post your haresources file?
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Not as familiar with Apache heartbeat, but I have often seen in web clusters where the heartbeat is alive because the two servers can communicate despite the web services being down or not functioning which is why we often used IBM's Network Dispatcher in the past which would actually failover based on response from a web page to see if services were actually working even though server was up.  Think you might be seeing something similar as the test for HA that I saw was to stop the heartbeat daemon itself which basically signals to other server that node is down versus killing httpd just makes web go down but heartbeat is still running (if that makes sense).
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Do you have PaceMaker installed?



From what I gathered there, Pacemaker is responsible for the failover part of it
riyaziAuthor Commented:
ha.cf configuration

use_logd on
logfile /var/log/ha-log
keepalive 500ms
deadtime 2
warntime 1
initdead 8
udpport 694
ucast eth1
auto_failback on
node NOD1.APP
node NOD2.APP

haresources config file

NOD1.APP httpd
Have you read and followed  the link that mwvisa1 provide?

Did you do the test where you issue the command:  

    /etc/init.d/heartbeat stop

on NOD1.APP and did you successfully fail over to NOD2.APP (assuming NOD1.APP is the primary).

I would double check the output from the uname -n commands.  Although it is possible, normally nodes are not configured with dos in their names.  That is normally a host's name would be NOD1 not NOD1.APP.
riyaziAuthor Commented:
when heartbeat is stopped manually or network cables are plugged out it is succesfully switching to nod2. i changed the uname even to NOD1 and NOD2 and even then if i stop httpd by using command "service httpd stop" it is not switching to NOD2.
O.K., it seems that up until 2.1.3 of heartbeat the resource manager (pacemaker) was part of the heartbeat package.

Starting with 2.1.4, it is now a separate package and is called pacemaker.

So you will need to either install a back level of heartbeat or also install pacemaker:


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riyaziAuthor Commented:
so if i install pacemaker it will work perfectly ? or should i use monit to monitor apache so it can kill heartbeat
If everything is working properly pacemaker will work, but so should monit.  It is what you are comfortable.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Pacemaker was suggested here with link to download - http:#a32691115
riyaziAuthor Commented:
anywhere i can get instructions for installation of heartbeat and pacemaker
Generic pacemaker instructions can be found here:

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