Can not map network Drive

I have a user who cannot map a drive.  He keeps receiving the error "an extended error has occurred".  I can log to this same tower and map the drive with no problems.  I have also verified that he is an administrator on this computer.  I also have tried recreating his profile with no success.

As an added kicker, he can log on to another computer and map the drive with no problems.  Please help.
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I would make sure computer is in the same network, and that the file and printer sharing is enable in the windows firewall on this computer..  try pinging the server from this computer if you get a reply try instead of mapping a drive try to open the share folder in RUN: \\server-name\shareholder ad enter logging for admin  then if you get in right click the folder and go to map drive. if you cant ping the server make sure the ip address and subnet mask is not fixed in the pc if so try doing it with automatic ip.
doing a google on this throws up something about the time not being synched to the server, and checking that there are enough licences.
In our envirnment we have roaming profiles, My thought is; is the profile you re-created Local or Roaming. If roaming try deleting his local profile and have him log in and try mapping it. Well just throwing that out there.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
does a reboot fix?

i of course don't mean this is the solution, it is just an approach of troubleshooting. :-)
Try removing his profile then have him log in again and try it.
mav11rickAuthor Commented:
rmando -- I am awaiting a response from the user so that I can try your suggestions

Ashley 8395 -- We do not use roaming profiles

bbao -- I wish that fixed it

jameslo-tx -- This was one of the last things I tried.  When it didn't fix the problem, that's when I decided I needed help.
What is the returned error when mapping a drive from the command line?
mav11rickAuthor Commented:
I was able to ping the server via IP but not by name.  Screwy.  Anyway.  There are other issues beginning to pop up so I believe it's time to reimage the box.  Thanks.
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