GPO Printer Management for Multiple Groups

I have 5 Floors of users, each floor 4 printers each
I have created a domain security "floor group" for each floor named by floor number
I have added each user to their floor group according to the floor where the office
I created a GPO and added each printer to the User Configuration>Preferences>Control panel Settings>Printers

In the printers properties I check "Run in logged-on User's Security context"
and I also check "Item Level Targeting"

and in that setting
I then target the pre-created floor group according to the printer and floor it is on

In doing so I was thinking that  the users in each "floor group"  would only see the printers that are designated to the floor group that they are a member of, but that is not the case, instead the users are able to see all the printers in the GPO and not just the ones that are set for their floor group.

I have added one printer to User Configuration>Windows Settings>Deployed Printers
but the options there are even less, which means I STILL cannot control which printers the users will see in their "Printers and Faxes" according to the group that they are a member of. I cannot afford to allow the users to see all 20 printers, Pandemonium will break loose.

does this mean that I will have to utilize 5 different GPO's just to get this done?

Thanks in advance.
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
You can use the Printer Management console to deploy these printers through group policy. This assumes that you are using Vista or Windows 7 workstations. If your workstations are XP, there are additional steps that need to be done:
This would not prevent users from "seeing" the printers on the other floors if they try to run the "Add Printer" wizard, but only the printers deployed for their group will be available for printing in their Printers folder. And unless they are local administrators they can't install printer drivers, so they wouldn't be able to add any printers manually on their workstations.
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